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Magic World Domino Set with Leatherette Case


Magic World Domino Set with Leatherette Case

This Magic World Domino Set will take you into a world full of fantasy and magic. Combining character elements such as wizards, witches, cats, potions, bats, mushrooms and skulls, each character has its own unique soul and distinctive personality.

The bearded magician possesses extraordinary magical ability and knowledge, and is the object of worship of wizards. The witch has the ability to predict the future, and she often uses potions and the power to summon the gods to cast spells.

Enchanted with three eyes and monstrous teeth, cats often snicker at the stupidity of Muggles. This character's unique appearance and hilarious personality will bring you endless joy. The one-eyed spotted mushroom has a charming eye that cannot be easily met. Once you look into them, you will get lost in the depths of forest. Its existence adds a mysterious and romantic atmosphere to this magic world.

As the story goes that spirits full of resentment will possess bats or dried skulls. These characters bring a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere, making the whole magical world more interesting.

This domino set is designed in a hand-drawn style with beautiful lines. Each domino set contains 28 dominoes and packed into an exquisite leatherette case. The simplicity style makes the domino set more concise and elegant. If you love the fantasy atmosphere of the magic world, this black and white magic world domino set can bring you fun and surprises.

We are happy to customize your own domino set. Any interested products are welcome to contact us by letter. If you are interested in our products, we are more than happy to offer our quotation by request.

  • Material: UREA Tiles + Faux Leather Case with Soft Felt Interior
  • Size: (5008) 50 x 25 x 8 mm
  • Content: Each Set includes 28 pcs Tiles
  • Color: White Tiles Printed 1-Color Custom Designs
  • Packing: Each Set Shrink Wrap packed in a Printed Leatherette Case
  • MOQ: 1000 sets
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